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All-optical wavelength conversion of phase-modulated signals in Optical Burst-Switching (OBS) networks

This project is part of a joint research programme of two Chinese groups at the Tsinghua-University (Beijing, China) and of four German groups. Its overall objective is contention resolution in optical burst switching (OBS) networks by wavelength conversion, which is a major challenge of future fiber optical communication. The joint activity combiÂnes complementary sub-projects bringing together investigations on the control plane, on the data plane and on the physical constraints of a network, as well as the development of most advanced all-optical wavelength converters.


The objective of this sub-project is the modelling of transparent wavelength converters for optical networks working with phase-modulated (PM) signals. These signals, especially DPSK-based ones, have shown improved performance in transmission systems. One key signal-processing operation to be studied is wavelength conversion. Numerical investigations on intrinsic physical processes in transparent wavelength converters and an evaluation of their performance in a network environment will be realized. A performance-assessment tool able to successfully compare various wavelength converters based on different technologies will be developed. Finally, network issues such as cascadability and performance evaluation of specific network configurations will be addressed.In the context of this project, we also developed and patented a regenerative wavelength converter, which regenerates phase and amplitude. Such a device can be a fundamental building block of all-optical routers in transparent optical networks. 


Exemplary Publications

  • R. Elschner, C.-A. Bunge, B. Hüttl, A. Gual i Coca, C. Schmidt-Langhorst, R. Ludwig, C. Schubert, K. Petermann 
    Impact of Pump-Phase Modulation on FWM-Based Wavelength Conversion of D(Q)PSK Signals
    IEEE J. Select. Topics of Quantum Electr., Vol. 14, No. 3, pp. n.n. , May 2008 (accepted for publication).
  • R. Elschner, A. Marques de Melo, C.-A. Bunge, K. Petermann
    Noise suppression properties of an interferometer-based regenerator for differential phase-shift keying data
    Optics Letters, Vol. 32, No. 2, pp. 112-114, January 2007


Dipl.-Ing. Robert Elschner
Tel.: +49 (30) 314 26 815
Fax.: +49 (30) 314 24 626

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